About The Stand Tall Creative Companion:
A practical guide for growing compassionate children

stand-tall-companionThe Stand Tall Creative Companion is a creative resource that equips parents and educators with activities to help children to think differently about themselves, about each other and about the world around them.

It provides lessons and activities that equip children with positive messages and useful strategies for reaching their full potential in a rapidly changing world.

Engaging children by affirming their positive identity reduces anxiety and passivity. It eliminates the need for them to seek attention through negative behaviors. Positive acknowledgment helps children feel at peace with themselves, at ease in their environment, engaged with you, the parent/educator.
Children who feel good about themselves are at ease in their surroundings are more committed to learn, more creative, more authentically themselves, and more likely to make a positive contribution. When children are fully engaged, the environment is harmonious and unified, and each child can rise to their full potential.

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