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Why really big questions are better than answers

“But WHY?” 

Children are alive with big, juicy questions. They pepper us with what’s, why’s, how’s and what if’s day and night. Eager young minds want to explore and know about absolutely everything in their world. They’re curious about life and hungry for information.

Adults, on the other hand, are busy and solution oriented. Our job, we think, is come up with answers. But are they necessarily the right answers?

Learning to look for, ask and examine big questions is a challenge when our brains get used to operating on well worn tracks called neuro pathways. The brain likes what it knows because it’s quicker to process information along known channels. Tired, stressed out brains find it hard to think outside the box.

Curiosity and wonder require active brain power because thinking differently creates new neuro pathways. When we’re curious, our brains are forced to pave new mental highways and erect new places to store the information not to mention remapping the entire mental highway. Curiosity leads to creative thinking.

That’s why learning to ask and hold big questions is a vital part of higher order thinking and collaborative problem solving. Big questions inspire imagination and generate deep insight, processes that help us climb out of our thinking ruts. The inquiry process is creative; it invites shared thought and effort. The more people you involve in your question, the better, more applicable the solution and the wider acceptance it will receive. Big questions engage people and build community.

So, as January draws to a close, I could ask you, “How are those New Years Resolution goals going for you?” or I could ask, “What will feed your soul and inspire you most this year?

One question will make you back away and one will draw you toward it.

You choose.

If you’re already finding it hard to commit to the goals you set for yourself in 2015, you may have begun the year with a question that wasn’t right for you. Growth is an exciting process, but it can be scary without the right support. I’m trained to ask the really big questions and to hold the space for meaningful answers to emerge.

Contact me for support and guidance in asking the right questions so that you can open the door and step into the life you really want to lead.

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