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What It’s About

Sunni gets picked on because he stands out. When he discovers the power of courage and compassion, everything changes. Children of all ages will cheer as Sunni’s kindness begins to grow in the hearts of others. The story celebrates unity in diversity.

This heartwarming story teaches children the virtue of dignity, kindness, respect, and acceptance.

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 Appropriate for ages 3 – 11

ISBN 978 0 9963850 4 6 (hardcover)

ISBN 978 0 9963850 5 3 (paperback)

Library of Congress Control Number: 2016944253
Library of Congress Cataloging-In-Publication Data

Rogers, Diane; date.

When we all stand tall / Diane Rogers.

  1. Children’s Fiction—Unity in Diversity 2. Self-esteem 3. Compassion
    4. Kindness 5. Child Development 1. Title


Screenshot 2016-03-17 23.14.20