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What’s waiting for you?

This quote by psychologist Josesph Campbell is a fantastic prompt for the New Year. It reminds us that the idea of “control” is just an illusion, one that often keeps us stuck in unhelpful patterns and working against the flow of life.

But when it comes to change, most of us fear it more than we welcome it. We like our comfort zones. After all, isn’t comfort a good thing? Isn’t what we’ve worked hard to find?

People commonly resist anything they don’t feel in control of. If it wasn’t our idea in the first place, chances are most of us will not go along with it gently. Who willingly steps outside their comfort zone? The answer is: Very few of us.

Instead, we keep pushing our agenda even when it’s not really working for us: bad habits, bad relationships, unfulfilling work, the list goes on. When we become fixed in our mindset, we are like the big institutions we see crumbling today.

“Disruption” and “discomfort” are big buzz words in business today because innovation is the magic ingredient to success. Innovation is exactly what happens in the uncomfortable space beyond “the comfort zone.” Successful individuals and businesses learn to befriend and embrace the unknown. Examples of this are everywhere in the media. Just a few days ago on New Year’s Eve, Uber was the name on everyone’s lips.

The innovation that comes from discomfort and disruption also improves our lives. This is also true on a personal level.

So as you begin this year, think about the comfort zones in your life. What could benefit from a little shaking up? Are there any ruts and routines that might benefit from change? What wild possibilities are waiting to be explored?

Change doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t have to do it alone. Contact me for support, guidance and encouragement to step out of your comfort zone and into the life that’s waiting for you.

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