How It Works

Storycatching® is an arts-based program tailored to the needs of children and adults in educational and therapeutic settings.


Capture the essence. Through conversation and story mapping, the Storycatching® process begins by understanding the structure of the narrative. Featured socio-cultural patterns, myths, symbols, metaphors, and characters are explored. Desires and aspirations also come to light in this step.


Honor the journey. This step features a compassionate reflection on the background story–what led to today. Individuals learn to appreciate their key strengths and positive attributes. Using playful and innovative techniques, the Storycatching® process creates an expansive space for a positive future to emerge. This step also investigates and addresses any hidden obstacles standing in the way of success.

Awaken potential. In this step, individuals hone their awareness and awaken hidden possibilities. They become more present to what is while exploring a full range of potential options. As they gain new insight, they build confidence and construct pathways to a positive future.


Reframe and Rehearse the future. This phase prepares individuals to effectively navigate the journey of change using a positive framework. Clients refine skills for success and learn to enhance their personal and collaborative strengths.


Take Action. As individuals actively embark on the journey of change, goals are reviewed, skills polished and commitments renewed. With each success, clients gain confidence and develop trust in the future.