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The Joy of Conquering Fear

Let’s face it, the unknown can be scary. That’s how the publishing journey has often felt for me. What began as a tiny seed of an idea grew into something much bigger. Along the path I encountered many unknowns. I faced uncertainty. Doubt crept in. Things took more time than I imagined. Waiting felt challenging. Sometimes I struggled to stay positive. But, at last something wonderful has emerged.

A published book is proof that patience, persistence and courage generate results. That’s why I’m especially pleased and proud to announce the birth of my new book Emerge: Nurturing Your Seeds of Potential. 

Emerge depicts the journey of a frightened Little Seed whose self-confidence erodes when facing uncertainty. But with patience, Little Seed discovers that even darkness has a purpose.

Young readers will delight in following the germination journey from fear to empowerment. Emerge presents a reflection on change with an encouraging message that will inspire hope and courage. Don’t be fooled by appearances, Emerge grown ups will benefit too. Its  message offers something everyone can relate to.

Emerge is a little book with a big message to help parents, educators and mental health professionals guide conversations about fear. Emerge looks like an early childhood resource for helping children develop inner strength and courage.

Every book needs a champion. Won’t you please be an Emerge ambassador?

Pre-release copies and media copies are available through June. I’m offering a book ambassador program including free pre-release copies and future discounts to those who would like to help plant seeds of goodness through reviews and social media. Please help Little Seed grow. Contact me at diane@drdianerogers.com to participate or learn more.

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