Personalized self-discovery and empowerment consultations to suit a range of personal, career and relationship challenges.

Sound Familiar?

• You’re at a crossroads in your life
• You’re unsure who to talk to about serious issues
• You need perspective, clarity, and direction
• You’re stuck in a difficult relationship
• You lack the confidence to make a change
• You’re experiencing a life or career transition
• You long for a deeply meaningful relationship
• You find it difficult to make a major decision
• You’ve lost your spark, there’s no fun in your life
• You’re wondering what’s next or where to turn

Encouragement and support for those seeking guidance to gain perspective, explore options, overcome challenges, and create an inspiring and empowered future.

Do You Recognize These Patterns?

• Exhaustion, stress, anxiety or depression
• Persistently feeling lost or alone
• Feeling stuck in the same negative patterns
• Continually feeling dissatisfied or longing for something more
• You have a nagging sense that something is missing from your life
• Constant feelings of restlessness or emptiness
• You wish you could just escape your circumstances 

Individual Consultations

My focus is to understand you as a whole person within the context of your social environment, relationships, circumstances, values, and needs. One-on-one sessions are designed to enable you to break through your limitations, achieve your goals, and feel excited about your results.  After just a few consultations, you will notice a substantial shift your thinking. You’ll feel energized and free to make the changes you need to succeed and develop as an individual.

You can expect a highly trained and experienced professional who is direct, yet warm and collaborative. You can also expect respect, compassion and professional guidance to support you as you achieve your personal goals. Personal development doesn’t have to be drudgery. I like to have fun, so you can expect an enjoyable experience, too.

Above all, when you work with me, you get results. 

Individual consultations are conducted person for clients in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas and in Sydney, Australia, or by Skype. Please contact me directly for more information or to schedule an appointment.