What Is Storycatching®?

“Stories help us make sense of our experiences and give them meaning. They pave the way for possibility.”

We relate to the world through a series of stories we tell ourselves consciously and unconsciously about the people, things, and circumstances in our lives. Our daily encounters reflect the beliefs that underpin these narratives. The stories we tell determine the experiences we have. Beginning in childhood, the stories we create impact our self-image and the choices we make.

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Storycatching® Is Based On Research

Through many years of scientifically examining the influences that contribute to patterns of thinking, attitudes, beliefs and behavior, I uncovered a clear set of principles about human motivation and psychological well-being. My research found that the people who felt truly fulfilled have a unique perspective and specific patterns of beliefs (stories) that allowed them to thrive even in difficult circumstances. I designed the Storycatching® method and program from this research.

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