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Looking for clarity? Meet straight talks Lisa Hiltunen

I believe that all people have the resources inside themselves to accomplish what ever they set their mind to. However, often people don’t have the right environment to think clearly. What they need is time and a constructive place to think so they can act with force and integrity.” ~ Liisa Hiltunen

Meet Liisa. Yes, that’s Liisa with two i’s. She proudly identifies her heritage as Finnish-American-Australian. Liisa calls herself a “professional listener” who helps people address and navigate challenging aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Research shows that professional coaching helps to reduce stress while increasing business performance and success. Counseling builds and strengthens self-sufficiency and personal resilience. Liisa’s work covers both aspects of well-being.

During my recent trip to Sydney, Australia, Liisa shared her insights about starting a business, doing what she loves, and the many benefits of gaining clarity in life.

Dr. Diane Rogers: Liisa, you’ve worked with many people who are challenged by their jobs and the dynamics in their daily work environments. Tell us what you do and why it inspires you.

LH: I am a business and life coach. I help people think clearly about what is important to them in their personal and professional life. I’m inspired by helping people get clarity about the changes they need to make to lead an optimal life. I get a lot of personal satisfaction by providing a safe place for people to think their personal and professional challenges through.

DR: Liisa, what was your first spark of inspiration to go into coaching?

LH: Back in 2000, I was having a conversation with my young, ambitious neighbor who was speaking negatively about the problems he was having in his legal practice. I thought to myself, “that’s not like him,” and I decided to challenge him on it. That’s when Straight Talk was born. I had an inkling that coaching was for me when I began to see that many business people I was around really didn’t have a safe place to distill their thoughts.

DR: Liisa, when we’re in love, we take the good with the bad. Are there any downsides in your line of work?

LH: It can be quite challenging to work with people who are unwilling to have a look at themselves. It’s personally confronting to see people remain in difficult circumstances rather than take action to change.

DR: What advice would you give to the 87% of people around the world who don’t like what they get paid to do?

LH: My aim of course is to encourage people to lead purposeful and significant lives that make sense, professionally and personally, so that their journey and relationships are both positive and fulfilling. I would most likely ask them to consider how their work helps inspire them to greatness in their life. And then the clarity conversation would begin from there.

DR: As you know, I’ve been asking our Love Your Work panel to identify five words that summarize their work. Liisa, what are yours?

LH: Clarity, clear, create, unite and happiness.

Until our next How To Fall in Love With Work interview, consider taking the Straight Talkchallenge. Ask yourself how your work is inspiring greatness in your life. Listen carefully for the answers. 

What do you need to do to get clear on? 
What action will you take to find more love in your work?

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