Emerge: Cultivating Compassion Through Inner Growth Workshop

imagesEmerge: Awakening To Growth

Join Dr. Diane Rogers for an extraordinary week of art, sharing and synergy at the FEEDING THE SOUL festival and research colloquium in Italy’s spectacular lake district.

The Emerge workshop (featuring Dr. Rogers’  latest book) will take place within the FEEDING THE SOUL 2015 festival sponsored by the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) in the beautiful hills surrounding Lake Orta just outside Milan, Italy at the Centro d’ Ompio retreat centre.


Dr. Diane Rogers presents an arts-based approach to healing and well-being featuring meditation, poetry, metaphor, movement and art. Using techniques designed to promote self-healing, participants learn to identify dynamic patterns underpinning emotional upheaval, personal crisis or spiritual emergence.

Participants will explore contemplative practices to stimulate inner compassion, engage in creative processes and discover how nurturing the Spirit facilitates healing and self-renewal. This workshop is also appropriate for helping professionals whose clients would benefit from an arts-based approach to healing and well-being.

Come nurture and renew your spirit and feed your soul!

Contact me to register or visit www.feedingthesoul.eu for more information.