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The Best Resolution For 2016

For many, the new year is a kind of magic eraser that wipes the slate clean. It’s a chance to start over. An opportunity to do things differently. A percentage of us typically resolve to eat healthier or drink less. Others vow to get more exercise,...
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3 Signs You’ve Reached Your Stress Threshold And What You Can Do

For many years, I thought stress was a byproduct of adult responsibility–something we all had to “tough out.” Like a lot of people, I believed needing a break and asking for help were signs of weakness– attitudes that are...
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The Adventures in Gratitude Challenge

For anywhere from three to six months every year my husband and I take an intentional departure from land-based living. We call it our slocation, or at least that’s how I think of our time. Okay, yes, you could think of it as a really lengthy a vacation,...