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The Joy of Conquering Fear

Let’s face it, the unknown can be scary. That’s how the publishing journey has often felt for me. What began as a tiny seed of an idea grew into something much bigger. Along the path I encountered many unknowns. I faced uncertainty. Doubt crept...
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“I Just Danced”…The Inspiring Words of a 6 Year Old

If you think there’s nothing a kid can teach you, think again. For the last two months, I’ve been touring Southern California schools presenting talks and workshops about courage and resilience based on my book, Stand Tall. The enthusiasm...
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3 Signs You’ve Reached Your Stress Threshold And What You Can Do

For many years, I thought stress was a byproduct of adult responsibility–something we all had to “tough out.” Like a lot of people, I believed needing a break and asking for help were signs of weakness– attitudes that are...