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Being A Ray Of Light

4900666Acknowledgement is the highest compliment. Or so I thought until I was recently called “a ray of light” by my friend and colleague, designerKelli Eliis. Let me tell you, nothing says thank you more than “you’re a ray of light.”

Kelli just happens to be living proof that there is no end to what is possible when you are working “on purpose.” Kelli and I share a passion for psychology, great design, and the “psychology of place,” the theory that underpins her insightful new book about using design psychology to optimize your home. It was a thrill to be quoted in her book.

In her acknowledgement, Kelli’s also pays tribute to her husband John. Her words are a reminder that love is an optimizer, a force that holds life’s greatest possibilities. 

Love is a ray of light that can shine from under and tease open the doors we sometimes close to ourselves. Authentic love is a beacon that invites us to step into the fullness of our authentic being and leads us toward our higher Self–the place from which we derive our human potential.

Be a ray of light in someone’s life today.


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